Hammered Bracelet Healing Spiritual Buddhist
Hammered Bracelet Healing Spiritual Buddhist
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Copper Buddha Wide Cuff Hammered Bracelet Healing Spiritual Boho Hippie Yoga Power Buddhist Men Women - CS18703RSZ6

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  • UNIQUE BEAUTIFUL HANDMADE - Handmade copper bracelet forged out of heavy 4 gauge pure solid copper
  • MEDICINE BUDDHA MOTIF - Medicine Buddha or Bhaisajyaguru is the Buddha of Healing. Praying or meditating on Medicine Buddha is believed to alleviate and heal physical and mental suffering.
  • HEALING COPPER PROPERTIES - One of the very first metals known to mankind, copper has been used for thousands of years as a medium for jewelry. Known for its high conductivity, Copper inhibits bacterial growth, & aids in the effective metabolism of living organisms. Using copper for medicinal purposes is common among many cultures throughout different times. Copper is believed to alleviate imbalances in human body.
  • Adjustable fit for all wrist sizes. Length 7 inches. Width 1.2 inches

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