Healing Hazel Certified Balticamber Children
Healing Hazel Certified Balticamber Children

100% Certified Balticamber Pop Clasp Children Necklace- Honey Raw- ~12/13" - CV11I373AXR

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  • NATURALLY SOOTHING | Amber has long been known for its pain relieving properties when in contact with the skin. These carefully polished stones will bring comfort to your baby when teething starts, and help restore peace back to your home!
  • IDEAL FOR TEETHING | We all know that teething is a stressful time for you and your baby. Wearing this necklace will help by relieving your child’s pain and also reduce inflammation, so you can both enjoy happy days again.
  • HANDCRAFTED BALTIC AMBER | Made in Lithuania from certificated local amber, this necklace as a beautiful color. Here at Healing Hazel, quality is a priority – this is why we hold an authenticity certificate issued by the recognized GIA (Gemology Institute of America).
  • SAFETY TESTED FOR YOUR PEACE OF MIND | This product has a safety release, is tested by a third party lab, and meets all necessary safety standards. It is 100% lead-free. The clasp and thread are tested up to 15 pounds of pressure.
  • EASY TO USE | The pop clasp is easy to use and the amber beads are polished for a gentle smoothness on your baby’s skin.

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