Colored Freshwater Cultured Leather Bracelet
Colored Freshwater Cultured Leather Bracelet
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Dyed Colored Freshwater Cultured Pearls Wrap Around Leather Bracelet - CT126OL37H3

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  • Dyed Teal with Tiger Eye
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  • Total Length: about 42 Inches; Length of the bracelet with freshwater cultured pearls: About 36 inches; Length of the Buckle Cord Without freshwater cultured pearls; About 6 inches; Please make sure the length will fit you by measuring your wrist's circumference. It can also be used as a belt or anklet.
  • Width (wrapped 5 Times) About 1.75 inches; Width (wrapped 6 times); About 2 inches; it is a wide bracelet and please make sure this is not bulky to you; Freshwater Cultured Pearl Size: About 8mm;
  • Please note this bracelet mostly can wrap around your wrist about 5 times. Once you decide on the length of the bracelet you need, you can cut the extra cord at the end to shorten the bracelet. You can also untie the knots on the leather cord at the end of the bracelet and retie the knot to fit your wrist;
  • Please note the bracelet cord is made from cowhide leather. Cowhide leather has a slight odor of natural leather. The odor might exist especially after being packed in a sealed plastic bag before it reaches you. Though most people like the leather smell, it might be unpleasant to some people. Leaving it in a sealed container with baking soda will be very helpful to get rid of the odor if you think it is unpleasant.


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